The Cylon - High Level Brake Light

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The Cylon is a 10 LED conversion of the high level brake light in the Alfa Romeo 159. It provides direct hardware PwM control of each LED individually allowing several effects to be utilised and is no larger than the original unit.


The hardware for this project never left the prototype stage so is designed to be built on small strips of breadboard. One with vertical tracks and one with horizontal:


The schematic for the project is below:

Technical Schematic V5.2.jpg


The project utilises an ATMel ATMega328P as its primary IC and a Texas Instruments TLC5940 to provide additional hardware based PwM channels for the LEDs.


The power source is taken directly from the brake feed input and is cleaned up through a transient voltage protection circuit before being dropped to 5v via a voltage regulator. The power after the transient voltage circuit is 10.5v and this is used to drive the LEDs direct to enable instant switch on via the brake feed. The IC's are all driven from the regulated 5v circuit.