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Project Halo UK

Project Halo started as a concept to integrate BMW Angel eye style DRLs into the 159/Brera/Spider triple headlight configuration. Initial development work was completed by myself & YonasH. YonasH pioneered the first sets of Halo's in a kit form that could be bought and installed as a DIY solution, however both of our efforts to disassemble the headlights resulted in failure or breakage and the only viable solution was to cut the lenses off, install the rings and glue the lenses back on.

As this was not a viable option, development ceased for around a year before starting up again after discussions with Coxy1 on headlight disassembly. Coxy1 was able to pioneer an approach to taking the headlights apart, but only if they were new ones where the glue had not yet had time to cure fully (several years of use on a car cures them fully!!)

Once this had been solved, I restarted development on the electronic controllers for the headlights to meet UK specifications and simplify the amount of electronics & wiring needed in comparison to the approach YonasH took.

This site serves as the primary location for all documentation resources related to the project for those that want to join in the fun!

The projects history is documented on

The Project now has an active Facebook Page where we will track interest in controller batches. Please join the page and let us know if you would like a set of controllers for your project:


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